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Hey, Mimi. I like your logo. Tell us more about it!

Thank you-- me too! ;) The Do Ray Mimi logo was designed by my talented friend Chloe Briggs. I wanted each word to represent some part of my identity.

Ray was inspired by Thai architecture. The scale-like tiles and golden shapes are reminiscent of Thai Buddhist temples, but to make it more contemporary, we had to add my favourite colours to the letters. ถ้าคุณอ่านบรรทัดนี้ได้สวัสดีค่ะ ;)

The Infernal Devices launched me in the world of YA fiction and I never looked back. Although my reading taste has deviated slightly from factions, leaders who promised they weren't evil but turned out to be evil, and all else that dystopian future novels bring, books bring me endless comfort and adventure. Oh, you should join my book club!


I have big plans to rule the universe someday, but also, I really like space. My favourite videos to watch are about space travel, I'm obsessed with the fact that diamonds rain on Jupiter, and I'm always adding to my space series poetry collection.


If someone came knocking at my door to star in a movie or show, I'll drop everything (helllooo casting directors). The final Mi represents my love for theatre and highlights my ability to try to add dramatic and comedic flair to everything I do. If you ever want me to recite a Shakespearean monologue, thou just needeth ask.


This is not a blog about music. Do Re Mimi was already taken.

Hi, everyone! Somebody once told me that my DJ name should be Do Ray Mimi. While I agree, the world has yet to recognize me for my impeccable music taste, which can only be described as ABBA meets Ariana Grande in a classical concert hall. Alas, I turn to my other talents, including bullet-journaling, planning themed birthdays, and drawing comics.


Thank you very much for visiting. I am half Thai, half English, grew up in Bangkok, and am currently living in Los Angeles, California.


I put this website together to showcase a few things I am proud of and I hope you will enjoy my prose and poems, too.

Keep checking back for more updates!

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