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Spring Break in Quarantine!

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

With the pandemic, I was so worried that my spring break would be ruined. It’s my senior year for god’s sake and the WHO is telling me that I can’t party or hang with friends or have a good time? Not a chance. For all you folks who had to cancel your dream holidays, you have permission to follow me this week and live vicariously through what can only be an amazing break. Xoxo


I just had to escape the US. You know what the consultants say: if you’re not on a plane every other week, you’re doing life wrong. I’ve always wanted to explore the tropical beaches of Thailand, so that will be my first stop... Sawasdee ka!


Oh… I didn’t realize that Thailand has a government mandated quarantine. This sure threw a wrench into things. Really wish I had known that before I arrived... Okay, no, this will not ruin my break. I can totally turn 15 days in a hotel into an adventure. Influencers have never documented something like this before and I bet I'll go viral. Here's me getting checked up by the nurses and being given my ASQ Quarantine #!


How I spent my days: All checked in and I think I’ll hit the beach?? All I need is 40 winks in the sun. This view is just stunning here.


What I eat: I guess Thais have a sixth sense or something? Whenever I get hungry, I go to find a restaurant and then the doorbell rings with room-service… it’s like they want you to stay inside, so they bring the food to you. I'm trying to do that thing where you become more comfortable doing activities alone like eating your meals. I choose to eat by myself every single day.


How I spend my nights: Again, I really should have checked the news before I arrived… did you know that countries could impose an alcohol ban? They want to reduce the chances of people getting drunk and spreading COVID... Damn, I should have snuck that vodka in my suitcase! But, with my mixology skills, I can make any drink taste like a party.

That water gets me going!! I think it’s high time I hit CLUB QUARANTINE!!


How I avoid getting into trouble??: Oof, last night was rough… waking up in Vegas, or what?! They sent security over to assess the damages. Call my lawyer!! Should I make a run for it?


How I stay safe: It turns out that the security guard was just escorting me to my COVID test. The doctors gave me a thermometer so I could check my temperature every day… 36.4 is alright! Stay safe and wear your masks, everyone.

You know what? The security guard banging on my door really was a wakeup call. I’m 22 and I can’t keep being so reckless, staying up late, and dancing all night. My spring break plans were completely ridiculous and I need to tone it back.


How I tone it back: A relaxing day of sight-seeing should do the trick. I don’t think I’ll have the chance to be in a skyscraper, staring out on the Big Mango again, so I’m going to soak it all in. Oh, could that be? My dad and mum in the British Club parking lot! Small world… you really never know who you’re going to run into.


How I get back to "normal" life: And with that, spring break is over!!! In all seriousness, I really flew home to be with my family and I will be finishing the virtual semester and graduating from Bangkok before returning to US in June.

Right now, I am in quarantine and found a funny way to document my time in isolation, so I hope you enjoyed reading (and the video of me dancing) and are continuing to stay safe. I just got my negative COVID test and will be out of the hotel in 7 more days, just to be safe.

It's back to school, but with the new timezone I'm in, I'm calling it night-school. Here's a peek at my academic schedule for the next few months. And do message me if you'd like the Zoom link to my Tuesday 2:15am "KEEP MIMI AWAKE, STUDY & CHAT SESSION!!!"

- MT, 15/03/2021

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2 comentarios

Alison Thompson
Alison Thompson
15 mar 2021

This made me laugh! I quite fancy a night out at Club Quarantine with those fancy cocktails 😎🍸🍹

Me gusta
Tori Johnson
Tori Johnson
16 mar 2021
Contestando a

You might say...Quarantini Martinis (or Quarantinis?)

Me gusta
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