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If you follow my Instagram, you'll know that I love to recommend my favourite TV shows, movies, songs, products, places, experiences... (I have many favourites of each). I even host a few super-fan chat groups to discuss these new shows or product launches. It's exciting for me to figure out just what would make somebody interested in, let's say, The Vampire Diaries, and then curate an entire pitch on why they should watch it -- is it that they love blood and gore? If so, I've got a list of time-stamps of all the major vampire kills. Maybe they prefer the star-crossed love story... a heart-throbbing fan-fiction manifesto coming right up. Perhaps they're just interested in the age-old debate of Stefan vs. Damon Salvatore. Please contact me for my pros and cons comparison.


Not to focus this entire page on TVD (though I've got you hooked, haven't I?), but recommending media or products-- anything really, especially technical tools and advertising platforms-- and figuring out the best way, the best story, to deliver that recommendation is what motivates me. Whether it is to teach, inform, or entertain customers, I believe Product Marketing fits the bill and, as an internationally-minded individual who sits at the intersection of creativity and strategy, it's a career I am most excited by.

As I learn more about Product, Marketing, and the Big Tech industry in general, I've also launched and worked on projects focused on women in business, psychology, and XXXX. Feel free to wander through some of my work-- I am always open to feedback!

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