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The Bard of Twitter


Already taken… my discontent spreads swift through the cloud,

made execrable by my only choice of @WilliamShakespeare1569, a 5-year canyon after my birth.

Centuries cannot dupe an Anti-Stratfordian contraption.


Is this a lark which I see before me, azured feathers fluttering in scratchy taxonomies?

Wherefore art thou a scribe for these versifiers who

tweet and twill with

c l i c k i t y , c l a c k i t y bombasities?  

140 characters exceed Polonius’ notion of brevity,

though I suppose it would take 423 binary morsels to rewrite the world’s greatest tragedy—

not mine own words, but the players aboard this whirring vessel.


What soliloquy shall I spout to greet the masses who,

like kittens, lap up my rhythmic chains?

Nothing too taffety for the tag who tap upon tablets tied to their sprights, no,

I believe Marlowe (@kit1564) stunned them with a blank verse.

Aha! I am apt in this art of de-butchery.


Already 3,000 admirers frequent my thoughts, free

from 87.5% of The Lord Chamberlain's Men.

I need not wait for 5 Acts to promote ruckus in my name,

here, a mechanical machination licks my quill.

Quivering hearts, twofold, overflow my pillar box,

only to make haste as yarely as a summer day.




Pooh! I could have revived the Moor

in the time is takes to receive my beverage.

Hey-ho! An order for… Billiam Shagspeare.  


Doth the barista not recognize me?

The most famous Bard of literacy.

#MondayBlues #WhoisBilliamShagspeare #NeedethMyMorningCoffee

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