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Spectacular Mr. Squirrel by Lucy Thompson

They say underground, underneath a tree,

lives a fox as brilliant as brilliant can be,

a robin hood type creature, a family man,

Fantastic Mr. Fox is the fox with a plan.


Though enough about him, for haven't you heard?

There’s a new lad in forest, with a mighty fine bird.

Not a literal bird, I speak of Mr. Squirrel the Spectacular!

He lives with six kids and his lovely wife Lavender.


But why so special, you ask? Not to fret, I shall tell,

for Spectacular Mr. Squirrel makes sure all is well.

Not just in his nest, but for the burrow system too,

our guy knows that at times, his colony falls blue.


And for what? How could one frown when he struts his stuff?

He cracks jokes as well as he cracks open nuts!

But not even an acorn can solve the dispute

of the corporate bandit of nuts and fruit.


Blue Diamond is the name of the squirrel happiness assassin,

a stealer of the colony’s winter food rations.

Giants in mechanical giants rode over their dens,

they woke up the kittens, who weren’t supposed to wake ‘till ten!


Not to worry, our main rodent will put them in their place,

his quick-witted nature always comes up with a case.

But like Mr. Fox, he won’t take it up with the law,

for Spectacular Mr. Squirrel had another plan in store.


Very early one morning, he rose from the ashes—

Well, not really, it was his burrow—nevertheless he stashes

a pair of tweezers in his pouch stolen from the park,

“Mwahah! These humans will surely meet their mark.”

He squealed with excitement, as Mr. Squirrel prodded and nibbled

at the wires in the nut picking machines, oh, how he giggled!

Take that! Our Spectacular Mr. Squirrel thought.

He even stole back some nuts, ‘Teach them a lesson, that aught!”


At long last, our furry friend rejoiced

with his squirrel colony, who gave him a hoist

up in the air, celebrating with music from a fiddle,

"Our Lord and Saviour, Spectacular Mr. Squirrel!"

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